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Who We Are

Nordmare provides Engineering services, project management and consultancy for the Shipbuilding industry and beyond.

Nordmare Engineering is a small, fast-growing startup located in the north of the Netherlands.

The team at Nordmare offers consultancy and support in a multitude of projects and has experience working on a fascinating range of floating and non-floating structures. This ranges from small workboats and big yachts, via container-, passenger- and heavy cargo vessels of up to 170 meters, to beautiful architectural bridges and buildings.

Meet our team

Berjan Kooi20150524143447

Berjan Kooi

Founder & Manager | Senior Shipbuilding Engineer
Wytze Hof20190702122011

Wytze Hof

Shipbuilding Engineer
Mariete Ozenga20190702122143

Mariete Ozenga

Shipbuilding Engineer
Rik Baltussen20190702122458

Rik Baltussen

Shipbuilding Engineer
Amy Spijkerman20190702122707

Amy Spijkerman

Shipbuilding Engineer
Bram Schoon20190715194247

Bram Schoon

Senior shipbuilding engineer